L.C. Smith Company provides engineering, design, and manufacture of custom abrasive wheel deburring machines. Our deburring machines are being used to deburr piston rods, flat plates, centerless deburring of cylindrical parts, rubber flash removal, extrusion finishing, and other assorted metals and plastic parts where machined edges need to be finished. Our deburring machines range from manual to semi automatic to fully automatic handling of the parts to be deburred.

Our custom deburring machines are being used on extrusions, powdered metal parts, shafts, rods, rollers, sheet metal parts, castings or forgings. Our machines use wire wheels, abrasive wheels, belt and sanding or centerless wheel deburring to meet your application needs. We provide multi spindle end brush deburring to finish multiple areas on castings in one pass.

L.C. Smith Company offers custom engineered deburring solutions to your problem areas.

Deburring capabilities for your application can be provided with a free sample deburring of your parts. Remember with this custom type of deburring equipment, you can be assured of being provided with consistent and continuous cycle times and deburring quality.

L.C. Smith Company also is a source of deburring brushes. We are distributors for Weiler Brush Company, striving to supply your needs.

Please give us a call for a deburring solution that is efficient and a cost savings to your needs. Thank you for your interest in our company.