L.C. Smith Company has been in the business of manufacturing Probe Actuator equipment since the early 1950’s. Customers have included NASA, Boeing, Rolls Royce, General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, Allison, Garrett Airesearch, numerous universities and several nuclear facilities. These Probe Actuators move hollow probe tubes that are used to measure air flow direction and static and dynamic pressure, gas temperature, sound fields, cryogenic flow conditions, fluid flow conditions, etc.

Our Probe Actuators and the electronic controls have been sold to companies all over the world from Europe to Asia and from Sweden to Tasmania.

L.C. Smith Company has manufactured Star Laser Trailers for the advertising industry since the 1980’s. These trailers contain dual Xenon lamps in movable lamp heads to provide visual sky patterns in the dark. The trailers are self contained with a gas powered electric generator to provide the lamp and motion power. L.C. Smith Co. provides upkeep and repair of those trailers manufactured by us.

L. C. Smith Company has designed and manufactured custom Deburring Machines since the early 1990’s to a very diverse clientel. These machines generally use electric motors to power abrasive brushes. Parts handling is provided by electromechanical as well as pneumatic motive sources. The machines are generally designed around PLC’s or other controllers to provide efficient, accurate, and safe operation for the customer.

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